Good Morning!

Chop your carrot and celery sticks this weekend because next week we start the Annual Fruit and Veggie Challenge! To participate, all kids need to do is eat a serving of fruit or vegetables for a snack each day. The fresh fruit and veggies offered to each classroom counts too!

Here is how to play:

Bring a fruit or vegetable to school for snack (FFV grant snacks count).

For each serving of fruit or vegetables students bring, they make 1 tally mark to the classroom tally sheet.

Once a classroom has tallied up 10 fruits and veggies, we will add a link (strip of colored paper) to the rainbow posted in the Main Hallway.

Each grade has a color of the rainbow.

Red- Second Grade

Yellow- First Grade

Blue- Kindergarten

Green- Pre Kindergarten and staff

Thanks Nurse Dill for helping us eat the rainbow again this year!