We're back, we're excited, and Holy Guacamole it's almost March!!

Speaking of guacamole, check out our awesome lunches and breakfasts this week:

Monday - Cereal for breakfast, Bosco sticks for lunch

Tuesday - Homemade mmmmmmuffins, and Homemade corn chowder with breadstick

Wednesday - Bagels with cream cheese, and breakfast for lunch! French Toast Sticks, Hash Browns, and Fruit

Thursday - Fresh baked coffee cake, and for lunch it's Cheeseburgers and Potato Wedges.

Friday - Cinnamon Rolls, and Pizza for lunch!

Also exciting this week - Thursday night is our annual Family Fun Night from 6-7 pm, as well as the PTA Book Fair and Bake Sale!! Please come join us for a fun evening!

Enjoy the sun - we're going to play outside!