Greetings Dike-Newell Families,

I hope you are doing well.  We miss our students already, and look forward to when we can re-open our doors for school.  Please be cautious and take care of yourselves during this strange time.

We have several things to share with you - 

TODAY: From 1-3 p.m. is the ONLY time there will be access to the building for at least the next two weeks.  Here is what can be picked up today during that window:

* Personal Belongings that your child needs while home
* Books for reading during the distance learning days
* Selected materials including math activity bags, crayons, and paper
* Bagged food resources 

The tables with resources are located inside the canopy entrance, across from our Lost and Found Table, as well as in the hallway outside the cafeteria. 

Please only come in if you need to, make your visit quick, practice social distancing by maintaining space, and if you are sick DO NOT come to the school.  Parents, please come alone if you can, do not come in large groups. We understand if you have to bring your child with you. 

Link to DNS Distance Learning Letter: