March News

This month we are celebrating eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables!

We will be keeping track of fruit and veggie snacks in our classrooms to build our paper rainbow chains in the hallway, and during the week of 3/15 we will have our "Eat the Rainbow" week of celebrations. Check your lunch calendar to see what fruits and veggies will be featured each day!

On Monday, 3/15, we're all about RED - wear your red to school and eat your red fruits and veggies!

Tuesday 3/16 is ORANGE day - do you have orange you can wear? And bring in those carrot sticks, oranges, and orange bell peppers!

Wednesday 3/17 is St. Patrick's Day, so we'll celebrate GREEN of course! Wear and eat this lucky color of the day!

Thursday 3/18 we backtrack to YELLOW for our food and outfit color

Finally Friday 3/19 we end the rainbow at BLUE/PURPLE - what can you eat and wear for these two colors?

We're also looking forward to catching up with families at Parent-Teacher conferences at the end of the month as we wrap up the second trimester (woah!!) Be on the lookout for information from your classroom teachers over the next couple of weeks!