DNS First Grade Students Receive Library Bags

Dike Newell first grade students will be receiving bags to welcome them as users of the Patten Free Library. Traditionally first grade students have had a field trip to the library each year, which included a tour and the receiving of a library card.  Sadly, it was unable to happen this year due to Covid restrictions.  Under the direction of Patten Free Library Children's Librarian Katy Dodge, special bags with a Pete the Cat theme were created so that students could still feel welcome and excited about visiting the library.

Bags are being presented during library classes and Ms. Hardman is giving them a tour of the Patten Free Library's website during this time. Mrs. Bickford's and Ms. Giroux's classes will receive bags  on  Thursday. Mrs. Green's class will get their bags on Friday.

In the pictures students from Mrs. O'Brien's class were very excited about their bags!