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January 27th, 2023

Jennifer McKay, Principal


“Bee” Kind

“Bee” Safe

“Bee” Responsible



February 9th : 2nd Grade Ski Trip #1

February 16th: 2nd Grade Ski Trip #2

February 20th - February 24th : Winter Break - No School

February 27th : School Board Meeting 6:00 - 8:00

March 17th: Professional Development Day - No School for Students 

March 23rd : Parent Teacher Conferences

March 23rd & March 24th : ½ Day for Students 


A Message From Ms. McKay

Woah.... we have had some snow lately, and I bet we see some more! If your kids are running out of snow ideas, here's a few other things you can try!

1. Tye dye the snow! Draw on the snow with water soluble markers, then spray water from a spray bottle and watch the colors blend.

2. Bring your hot wheels, cars, and trucks outside, and make some snow roads and pathways!

3. Blow frozen bubbles - bubbles are great in cold weather, and tend to last an extra-long time!

4. Get your Mr. Potato Head parts, and stick them into snow-tatos instead! 

5. If it's getting dark, break out some glow sticks and play in the snow with them - what could be cooler (pun intended!) than glowing snow?

6. Look for animal tracks

7. Make your own crazy tracks

8. Shovel a snow maze, complete with dead-ends and twists and turns

9. While you're at it, shovel a neighbor's driveway to be kind

10. Make some art! Gather leaves, seed pots, twigs, berries, and other small objects and make a creative design on the snow.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Parents who want to drop off in person at the gate need to park in the lot and walk to the gate.  If you are parked along the playground fence, please stay in your vehicle and drive forward to drop off. Thank you! 

Lines from the Library

This week Dike Newell students started reading Chickadee Award books during their weekly library classes. The Chickadee Award is a picture book award program for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. This award is in its nineteenth year, and is given annually to one of ten picture books nominated by a committee of teachers, librarians, and early literacy professionals, with the winner chosen by Maine school children. The purpose of this award is to encourage children to develop an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustration that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This week we read Lunch Every Day, written and illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi and Negative Cat, written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall. For more information on the Chickadee Award, please visit:

Credit Pathways Program Fundraiser

The Credit Pathways Program is an alternative education program that supports students who have struggled to find success in the traditional classroom setting. The program uses an interdisciplinary model of instruction that focuses heavily on project based learning, field work, and community outreach. The Credit Pathways Program is in its first year of implementation and the students are organizing this fundraiser to try to raise money for continued field work, hands-on learning opportunities and community exploration. Please join us to help support an incredible group of RSU1 Students as they embark on a new path towards academic success!


For non-school sponsored activities that may be of interest to students and families, visit the RSU1 website for community information:



On days when there is inclement winter weather and roads are not safe, school may have a delayed start, or the school building may be closed for the day. In addition to an automated phone call to each household, notice will be made on TV: 6, 8, 13 (also listed on the website of each channel), and Bath Community Radio: WCME (99.5FM). 

Please remember that our schools are listed under RSU1, not individual towns. Please be sure the school has your correct phone number so that you will receive all notifications. 

YMCA Aftercare 

The YMCA Before & After Care program has availability for more students in need of aftercare. This is for the after school program only. If you are interested in more information, please contact Kayla Royer, Youth & Family Director at

PTA News

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