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Dike-Newell News

September 30, 2022

Jennifer McKay, Principal


“Bee” Kind

“Bee” Safe

“Bee” Responsible



September 28th - 30th : Dental Clinic

October 6th : First Grade Field Trip to Maine Wildlife Park

October 7th : Professional Development Day - No school for students

October 10th : Indigenous People’s Day - No School

October 12th : School Picture Day!



A Message From Ms. McKay

Greetings Dike-Newell Families! Thanks for a great turnout at our September Open House. We were happy to see so many students and families!


This week, I wanted to share with you our kickoff for "Student of the Week."  Our school motto is "Be safe, be kind, be responsible" and we fit all of our rules and procedures under these three ideals.  Each week, beginning in October and running through mid-June, classroom teachers will nominate one student from their class as having exemplified these ideals.  It could be for consistently being safe, kind and responsible, or it could be for making improvements, or it could be for an outstanding act of some sort.  The students' names are read during morning announcements on Fridays, as well as a brief description of the reason they were selected for the week.  The students receive a certificate to bring home, and a photo is taken for our Student of the Week bulletin board. It's always exciting each week to find out which students are being recognized!

Information From the Office


**Starting October 6, 2022, we will be sending our newsletter electronically. A physical copy of the newsletter will go home at the end of every month with a menu attached. If you would like a physical copy every week, please email the office!**


A Note From the Nurse

Free COVID tests are still available from Project ACT and can be re-ordered monthly directly to your home from the following link: As always, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

                      Lines from the Library

The Dike-Newell School Library was the happy recipient of five grants from Donors Choose over the summer. Thanks to generous donations, the library now has seven Bee-Bot robots to help teach coding skills, trickster tale texts to support the second grade curriculum, a multitude of craft supplies, legos, blocks, and puzzles. Plus numerous containers to store everything! Many thanks to all who donated. For more information on Donors Choose, please visit:


Counselor's Corner

This week in guidance we have been hard at work learning skills for learning and developing a growth mindset!  - Ms. Dean


Kindergarten: Why We Pay Attention. Your child will learn two important reasons for paying attention: to learn and to stay safe. Try This at Home: Ask your child why they think it’s important to pay attention during different activities, for example, when listening to information or instructions, when helping out with a task, or when crossing the street with you.

First Grade: Everyone Gets Distracted. Your child will learn that a distraction is something that takes their attention away from something else. They’ll learn different ways to manage distractions, such as reminding themselves to focus, turning away from the distraction, changing places, or politely asking someone to stop a distracting behavior. Try This at Home: When you need to pay attention or focus on a task at home, ask your child to suggest some ways you can manage distractions.

Second Grade: What Mistakes Tell Us. Your child will learn that mistakes tell us something’s not working and that they can respond to mistakes by asking for help, trying again, or making a small change to keep going. Try This at Home: Ask your child what a mistake tells them and what they can do to keep going after a mistake.


Maker’s Market Sponsored by the PTA

Calling all artists, makers, bakers and creators!  The 4th Annual Makers Market is happening on Nov. 12 at Fisher Mitchell School!  All students from RSU1, grades K-12, recent Morse Graduates, West Bath School students and area homeschool students may participate.  Sign up here : Makers Market 22 Sign Up or email Elyce Reavely at