At Dike-Newell School, our staff follow a Responsive Classroom model for early childhood education. The responsive classroom approach emphasizes academic, social, and emotional growth within a strong school community.  This is achieved through engaging academic work, a positive community atmosphere, effective classroom management, and developmental awareness of students. Many of our staff have received extensive professional development around responsive classroom techniques, and use them throughout their day's work with children.  We believe strongly that knowing our students, as well as knowing their families, and continuing the social and emotional growth of students is a key factor in helping them succeed academically.  

What does it look like in the classroom?  In our classrooms you can expect students to start the day with a morning meeting.  Children practice greeting each other, read the teacher's message together, and work on day planning so they know what to expect in their day.  The beginning of the year is spent teaching children how to respond appropriately to cues, such as teacher attention signals, or lining up quickly and quietly.  We treat mistakes as opportunities for learning, and offer support and re-teaching so kids can try again.  We use positive supportive language, and build excitement in learning through offering students choices and active learning opportunities.