DNS Library STEAMs Ahead!

Dike Newell School Library Receives Donors Choose Grant  for Design & Play STEAM Materials

Thanks to generous donors at Donors Choose, the Dike Newell School Library has received 100 Design & Play STEAM Boat kits and 100 Design & Play STEAM Plane kits as well as materials to embellish their creations.  The Design & Play STEAM Boat Kits will give students the opportunity to engineer their own mini wind powered sailboats. Using precut pieces, students will build their boats and be able to customize them using craft materials. Through testing and fine-tuning they will create a vessel that sails. The Design & Play Plane Kits will allow students to engineer their own gliders, which they too will build with pre-cut materials and customize with craft materials, creating a flying glider. For more information on what is happening in the school library, please visit: https://sites.google.com/rsu1.org/dnslibrary/news